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Our Story


Gill's love for nature really started as a child, from collecting rose petals & placing them in an airtight jar to make her own perfume, to being dowsed in vinegar by her mother who insisted it was great as a hair rinse & for sunburn!

Gill became interested in Aromatherapy and holistic therapies many years ago when it was found she had an extreme allergic reaction to antibiotics & needed to find alternative therapies to boost her immune system and help in times of need.

Using Lavender Essential oil since she can remember & being amazed by its incredible healing properties, this lead to using more and more oils, experiencing their various different properties and aromas. Gill used them on her son to help with teething and aiding a restful night, then when her son turned four, became fortunate to be in a position to attend College part-time and become a Qualified Aromatherapist.

In 1997  Gill obtained an ITEC and College diploma in Anatomy and Physiology & in 1998  the ITEC and College diploma Aromatherapy.  During this time Gill also gained diplomas for On-Site Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Healing Level 1 and Reiki Healing Level 2 and over the years has and still does attend many CPD courses and Society of Cosmetic Chemists seminars and yearly events.

Having sensitive skin and unable to use commercial products it became a 'natural' progression to create her own recipes and trained with Aromantic, (a company that specialises in training courses empowering you  to make natural skin care products from raw ingredients), this inspired her to create a unique brand of skin, hair & body care products, ethically, affordably and natural, from there “Elixirs of Life” was born.

To ensure the integrity of the products strict guidelines are followed that meet or exceed the industry's "Good Manufacturing Practice" through to The European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009.


All of Elixirs of Life hand-made products have been sent to a recognised laboratory for testing, they have been analysed and certification has been granted stating they are safe to use on the skin in accordance with The European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my training and have put to use my gained skills by owning my own label of products.  The mission of Elixirs of Life is to share the knowledge gained for the good of all humankind." - Gill Wade-McCarthy

The products supplied, are pure and of high quality, however the prices have been kept to an affordable limit, as the company's main aim is to enable others to have the benefits of these delicious products and not for making huge profits at your expense.  

 “Elixirs of Life” was launched in 2005, after 18 months of product development.


“We were frustrated with needing a Chemistry degree to understand the ingredients listed on commercial products, subsequently looking up the ingredients & finding out they are also used in anti-freeze & engine degreasers to name but a few!!”


“We believe you have a fundamental right to know exactly what you are putting on your skin.”


Based in Essex, Elixirs of Life travel around the County to sell their products at Local Farmers Markets, which have been very successful and great fun.


Elixirs of Life is now a multi award winning company where many of the products have been awarded from the FreeFrom Skin Care Awards, The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards, Janey Loves Platinum Awards, Natural Health International Beauty Awards, Beauty Shortlist Awards, Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards, Pure Beauty Awards and the Pure Beauty Global Awards.


"We do whatever we can to protect the earth and its resources.  We use no aerosols, opt for recycled materials including papers, bottles, jars, packing materials and always favour packaging that's easily recyclable, all our products have minimal external packaging."

'The evidence is in the experience'


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