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Our policy is based on a holistic perspective, Elixirs of Life carefully source all the Natural Raw Materials, selecting only the best quality of ingredients environmentally friendly and as natural as possible, therefore considering nature and people alike.
Ingredients should come from renewable sources and through their production, processing use and disposal should not damage or pollute the environment. 
We do whatever we can to protect the earth and its resources.  We use no aerosols, opt for recycled materials including papers, bottles, jars, packing materials and always favour packaging that's easily recyclable, all our products have minimal external packaging. 
We are a handmade company that intends to stay that way, we make all the products ourselves and never outsource manufacturing, so we are involved in quality control from start to finish.
INCI - International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient are listed individually on each product and complete ingredient disclosure is listed on the website and on each product label. 

(click here to see our policy on ingredients)

We believe you have a fundamental right to know exactly what you are putting onto your skin

Each formulation is tested and approved by Cosmetic Chemists
Elixirs of Life products have not been tested on animals, only willing humans!


Animal testing on finished cosmetic products has been banned in the EU since 11 September 2004. 

Animal testing on ingredients or combination of ingredients for cosmetics has been banned in the EU since 11 March 2009. 

Elixirs of Life confirm that to our knowledge none of the ingredients and products we supply have involved testing of any sort on animals. 

No testing on animals has been conducted at the initiative of our company or on our behalf


Elixirs of Life Declaration on Animal Testing:   
Animal Testing Declaration.doc  Animal Testing Declaration Elixirs 2016.docx


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