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FreeFrom Skin Care Awards 2014

Judging Process


The judging process for the FreeFrom Skincare Awards occurs in four stages:
Stage 1
Entry forms, which contain a complete list of the entered product's ingredients, are submitted to their assessment panel to ensure that they comply with the criteria of entry. The panel is then asked to give an overall assessment of the formulation and its ingredients, and comment on issues such as the originality of the product and its 'free from' attributes.
Stage 2
Samples of products accepted into the awards are subject to initial judging sessions and testing by around six judges with expertise in beauty products and in health-related skincare, allergies and skin sensitivity. Also included in the judging panel are product users, both with sensitive skin issues and without, so as to benchmark the products against 'normal' (ie non-natural or non-free from) skin care products.
FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2014 Judges
The judges are particularly interested in 'freefrom' awareness in terms of both food allergens and chemicals and in manufacturers' commitment to pure and natural ingredients. They assess originality, ease-of-use, pleasantness, aesthetic appeal, functionality, value for money and packaging, as well as the product's ingredient labelling for clarity and transparency vital for any consumer with any kind of food or chemical sensitivity, or seeking to avoid particular ingredients due to ethical or other health concerns.
Subsequently - and drawing also from the assessment panel's reports (from Stage 1) - a 'shortlist' of the best products is drawn up from all the entries, along with a further list of 'commended' products very good and well-made products that sit well in the natural or 'free from' skincare market, but which the judging panels feel are not quite potentially award-winning.
Stage 3
Products shortlisted at Stage 2 then go forward for a month's in-depth testing of their qualities and efficacy during May by a select, ten-strong panel of experienced Beauty Bible testers, all of whom either have sensitive/problem skins, specific allergies/intolerances, or are simply passionate about organic and/or natural skincare. Once the testing period is over, they will fill in detailed questionnaires on each of the products that they test, and return them to the judging panel.
Stage 4
In June, the judges then review their initial assessments with the feedback from the Beauty Bible testers to enable them to choose winning products that not only fulfill the awards' criteria and demonstrate as many of the qualities the awards seek to encourage as possible, but which also perform well in prolonged use.
The results are announced at the 'Love Natural, Love Organic' Show at Olympia on the 4th July.

FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2014


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