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Face Care Cleansing Routine:

  • Apply a small amount of Gentle Melt & Buff Base Cleansing Lotion using the fingertips in a circular movement over the face and neck area - the cleanser will  remove eye make up, soap residue & impurities, it is also completely unscented so suitable during pregnancy.

  • To remove the cleanser, dampen our 100% Bamboo Face Cloth with hot water, wring out & gently wipe off the cleanser, buffing the skin & removing dead skin cells to reveal deeply cleansed, fresh face.

  • Follow with your skin toner that will remove any trace of the cleanser and closes the pores.

  • Your skin is now ready to be moisturised. Moisturising Cream Base is a very light, unscented cream, Sweet Dreams Cream is also a very light cream containing Lavender & Chamomile essential oils, suitable for problem skin and Mature Skin Elixir Cream is a luxurious, rich, nourishing day and night cream.

  • Elixir Eye Firming Cream is specifically for the eye area containing Green Tea Antioxidant, tinctures of Eyebright & Arnica, nourishing oils such as Rosehip & Siberian Ginseng which is the ingredient that has the skin firming effect.

  • Finish off with our 100% Mandarin Natural Lip Balm, protects & nourishes the lips

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