Sustainability Pledge

What we are doing to act responsibly, sustainably and ethical?

Since launch day in 2005, sustainability has been the core of Elixirs of Life Natural Skin Care.

  • From day one products have been supplied in dark glass containers or eco-friendly containers that are fully recyclable.
  • High quality ethically sourced, cold pressed vegetable oils, organic herbs and 100% pure essential oils are used, they are the life of a plant.

We take pride in making the products by hand in the UK, in small batches for optimum freshness and no wastage as batches are made to meet customer demand.

Quality is checked every step of the way to provide you, our customers the highest therapeutic grade natural skin, hair & body care products possible.

Ethically Sourced Natural Ingredients

  • Ingredients are researched thoroughly to ensure they are the best for the environment and people alike.
  • Only the highest of quality of natural ethically sourced ingredients are used, providing the best possible results.
  • It is imperative dark glass containers are used to protect the product from light that can alter their delicate composition and you obtain the full benefit of the ingredients properties. 


  • 250ml shampoos & 200ml lotions are supplied in aluminium containers which are ep lined to ensure products are not contaminated, they are safer to use in the bathroom and fully recyclable.
  • Shampoos & hand wash are also available in a 1 Litre size amber glass bottles ideal to refill containers.

Accessories & Gifts

  • Face cloths are made from 100% Bamboo supplied in a ‘Bag of Ethics’ cotton bag, reusable and machine washable.
  • Gift Bags are made from natural Jute which is traditionally farmed & fully sustainable.
  • Wood wool filling for the gift bags is produced from totally sustainable soft wood from UK forests & FSC Certified.


  • All the herbs left from the infusions and decoctions are added to the compost bin and re-used in the garden.


  • The products have no external product packaging.
  • No leaflets or product brochures are printed.
  • Outer packaging received from all our suppliers is reused.

All online/phone orders outer packaging can be reused or repurposed, all packaging components are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable as detailed below:

  • Cardboard boxes, recycled paper bags/carriers, Green Jiffy bags, brown paper tape, loose fill Void Chips which are made from starch 100% Biodegradable and 100% Compostable, they actually dissolve in water.
  • Always ensure the packaging is appropriate for the size of item being shipped.

Carbon miles

  • Carbon miles are reduced wherever possible such as organised delivery logisitics and ordering ingredients/containers in volume.

No Greenwash

  • We pledge to communicate with truth and transparency in public about our environmentally responsible efforts.